5 Graphic Design Firms

A good graphic design firm can optimize your marketing and create a consistent brand identity. This will give your company credibility and build a comfort level with clients and customers, which ultimately leads to higher customer retention and revenue growth.

Pearlfisher operates with a mindset that focuses on creating “simpler, lighter, more desirable ideas for the future.” They’ve won plenty of awards and have been recognized by The New York Times as one of the top 50 design firms in the world.

This prestigious graphic design firm is made up of 25 partners who have held key positions in the industry for years. Their work embodies a range of styles and is recognized for its elegance, beauty, and sensitivity.

Established in 2000, Big Spaceship offers full-service design and branding. Their work helps bridge the gap between international brands and their audiences in the Asia/Pacific region. Their bold and dynamic designs have won the company many prestigious awards, including European, German and Swedish Design Awards.

DIA is an independent graphic design firm that specializes in kinetic typography. Founders Mitch Paone and Meg Donohoe challenge traditional design theory by baking movement into their brand design systems. Their work has been recognized by the likes of The New York Times and Graphis.

This firm specializes in building and connecting multi-disciplinary teams for clients. Their work spans multiple industries and includes digital, interactive, product design, print, packaging, and more. The firm is renowned for their ability to connect data and create infographics, charts, reports and presentations that communicate complex ideas. graphic design firm

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