A Career As a Celebrity Bodyguard

A celebrity bodyguard works around the clock and is tasked with providing close protection for celebrities and high-profile public figures. They must be aware of the celebrity’s schedule and make arrangements for events, such as award ceremonies, concerts and shopping trips. They must also be able to adjust plans to fit unexpected circumstances. They are also tasked with maintaining the safety of family members, such as children and spouses.

A protector must be skilled at recognizing and neutralizing threats, such as overzealous fans or stalkers. They must also know how to communicate with fans and the media so they don’t inadvertently reveal sensitive information about their client. This career requires a great deal of training. For example, there is a system called protection response tactics (PRT) that helps protectors assess and mitigate risks and threats. It is designed to take into account that when a protector is around a celebrity, every action they make is likely to be recorded or livestreamed, so their actions must be defensive while still appearing non-threatening.

A career as a celebrity bodyguard is demanding, but lucrative. Many top security firms exclusively hire elite U.S. military veterans and law enforcement professionals, such as Navy Seals and Delta Force. In addition to advanced military and police training, a celebrity bodyguard needs to have a high degree of strength and intelligence so they can quickly discern potential threats in crowded spaces. As a result, they are often hired for their physical skills as well as their ability to stay calm and think on their feet in unpredictable situations. Billie Jean enterprises

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