Alternatives to WeTransfer

Whether you’re an independent creative or a marketing agency, file sharing plays a pivotal role in your day-to-day. But if you’re like many users of the popular free file transfer tool WeTransfer, you probably have some pain points when it comes to uploads/download speeds and time restrictions on shared links. Fortunately, there are plenty of great alternatives to WeTransfer that will work harder for you and your business.

The most popular WeTransfer alternative is Google Drive, which offers 15 GB of free storage and additional storage on a monthly or annual basis. While the free version of Google Drive does have some limitations (shared files are only available for seven days, and it’s not secure), a paid subscription unlocks unlimited storage and a range of other features.

Another great choice is MEGA, which lives up to its name by offering a huge amount of storage and transfer capacity. The first 100 GB are free, and the service also offers a very competitive business plan. MEGA isn’t very clear or transparent about the maximum file size that can be transferred using their free service, however, and they also don’t offer support via phone or live chat.

MEGA is also one of the few WeTransfer alternatives that offers mobile apps. The free app lets you upload and download files up to 1 TB in size, and the premium mobile apps have even higher limits. The app has a few quirks, though – the upload and download speeds can be slow at times, and the UI can seem a little outdated.

Other alternatives to WeTransfer include Sync and SendAnywhere. Both offer a robust set of features, including end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge security. Sync, for example, encrypts your files at the source, in transit and when they reach their destination, so even the company can’t see what you’re transferring.

Another good alternative to WeTransfer is pCloud, which can be used for both storage and sharing. It’s easy to share large files via link or email, and it’s also possible to password protect shares. You can also edit files before they’re shared and restore previous versions, which makes it a great option for collaborative projects.

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