An Electric Fan Is a Mechanical Device That Moves Air and Gases

An electric fan is a mechanical device that moves air and gases. Its three main types are fans, blowers and compressors: fans deliver low rates of delivery at ambient pressure, while blowers operate at medium pressure, and compressors have high rates of delivery at elevated pressure.

The simplest and most common electric fan uses an electrical motor to turn blades attached to a hub, to move cool air down from the ceiling and circulate it throughout the room. These fans are often portable, and can be moved from room to room. Some have a handle that makes them easy to carry. Larger, more permanent fans are often mounted on the ceiling, and can be adjusted to a variety of positions to direct their flow of air.

Electric fans have been around for a long time. Powered by alcohol, kerosene or electricity, they were used as early as the 1880s to help regulate interior temperatures. Around the 1920s, industrial advances allowed steel fans to be mass produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, which brought prices down and made them affordable for many households.

This model of electric fan can be operated either by battery or plugged into an outlet, and is quiet on the lowest speed setting. Its control panel and remote are simple to use, and it has a useful timer function that can automatically switch the fan off after set intervals of your choosing. It also has the ability to be tilted to adjust its direction, and can oscillate vertically and horizontally – as well as both at once. electric fan

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