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Shop for wholesale angel figurines suppliers and find beautiful pieces to add to your collection. Whether you’re looking for gifts or home decor, these statues are a great way to add character to your space.

Artist Susan Lordi pays special attention to the emotions that each Willow Tree figurine evokes, inspiring hope and healing through her figural sculptures. Give a Willow Tree figure as a bereavement gift or a keepsake of love and friendship.

Angels & Cherubs

Angels are heavenly creatures created by God to worship Him, serve His creation, protect us, minister to humans, and execute judgment (Daniel 6:20-23, 2 Kings 6:13-17, Psalm 91:11). They have a variety of roles in the Bible and in other religious texts. They are powerful, beautiful, and mysterious. They are able to move in invisible ways and appear to humans in dreams, visions, and in-person visits. They bring divine messages from God and help people move out of the world of toil, death, and evil into the Heaven-and-Earth space where good life flourishes forever.

Cherubim are one of the three angel classifications mentioned in the Bible, along with seraphim and archangels. They are the powerful guardians of the Garden of Eden and God’s throne. Unlike seraphim, cherubs look like babies and are chubby with childlike features. They also have the ability to speak. Interestingly, the cherubim in classic art have four faces that represent the attributes of God: the lion representing God’s kingship and majesty; the ox representing His power and strength; the eagle representing His soaring wisdom; and the man showing His love for all human beings.

Like all celestial beings, cherubs can live for eternity and are not subject to death by disease or aging. They have a supernatural immunity to arrows, knives, blades, swords, and other conventional means of killing.

Angels & Angels

Angels are spiritual beings who act as God’s messengers and are referred to 273 times in the Bible. These beautiful and heavenly creatures are often depicted as winged, but their appearance can take many different forms, including those of human beings, animals, or inanimate objects. For example, the angels who appeared to the shepherds and to John the Baptist’s mother looked like ordinary men (Genesis 18). Other times, they look terrifying, as when they announced Jesus’ birth or his death (Luke 24:5).

Angels have divine powers, but they cannot exceed the limits of those powers. They also can’t be all-powerful or all-knowing, because if they were all of those things, they would violate the laws of free will. They can, however, appear in various shapes and sizes to accomplish their tasks, which are mainly communicating revelations from God, glorifying Him, recording every person’s actions and taking away a soul at the moment of death.

The word “angel” is a Latin form of the Hebrew mal’akh, meaning messenger or messengers. In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, where angels are most widely embraced, they are primarily defined by their functions or status in a hierarchical structure rather than by any ontological qualities they may possess. They are primarily benevolent in nature, although they can be malevolent under certain circumstances.

Angels & Instruments

Angels are supernatural spiritual beings that serve as intermediaries between God (Creator of all) and humankind. They are usually portrayed in art as benevolent celestial creatures with wings, halos and divine light. The Abrahamic religions describe angelic hierarchies that vary by faith and sect. Those who have been expelled from heaven are known as fallen angels.

Unlike humans, angels have non-threatening appearances and are often depicted as having child-like faces. However, these features can be deceiving. For example, a gaping maw or slanted-pupil eyes can indicate that an angel is more dangerous than it seems. These traits may also be used as a means of disguise for satanic angels.

Many angels have musical instruments. Their songs are often sung in the form of a hymn. Some angels also have the ability to fly and manipulate their bodies. In the video game series Bayonetta, the angels can change their shape and perform magical attacks on enemies.

A collection of angel gifts makes a wonderful gift for anyone. Whether it’s a Christmas angel, a praying angel or an angel ornament, these beautiful figurines will make a great addition to any home decor. Shop for an assortment of angels, cherubs and other angels online at KALALOU. These unique items are available at wholesale prices. Order today! We’ll ship your purchase the same day.

Angels & Music

Angels with musical instruments are very popular, especially those that appear to play the organ. These angels are often a part of a larger panel on the Ghent Altarpiece and serve as a link between the invisible heavenly liturgy and the audible earthly one. Van Eyck’s angels, for example, are holding a harp and a vielle—a string instrument that can be very difficult to identify, since the name “vielle” can apply to any type of string instrument during the Middle Ages.

The musical world depicted in Black Angels also seems a bit ambiguous. Although it was customary for Middle Ages singers to read from a single score, the four performers in this work speak, shout, play a variety of percussion instruments and use thimbles as part of their violin bowing technique. The combination of these techniques can blur the distinctions between symmetrical, fixed-point structures and goal-oriented, directional, programmatic movement—in other words, between palindromes and trajectory.

Whether you are looking for an angel gift to celebrate a new baby or a sympathy angel to comfort those mourning a loved one, this collection of wholesale figurines is sure to have something that fits your needs. With sizes from small to large, these angel figurines are great for decorating and can add a touch of beauty to any space in your home or office.

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