Arden, New York – A Secluded Place in the Woods

a secluded place in a woods or park surrounded by high hedges, where one may go to meditate or enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

Arden is a village within The Ardens, consisting of three villages: Ardentown, Ardencroft, and Arden. It is a town-meeting form of government and its residents own their dwellings but pay land rent (taxes based on the square footage of the property) that is used to fund village, county, and local school expenses. Community amenities such as the village pool, the Arden Craft Shop Museum, and the community center are maintained by the non-profit Arden Club.

The Ardens are a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood and the area is very walkable. Several shopping centers are nearby and the 96th Street (4,5,6 Line) subway station is about a 14-minute walk away from Arden. The Ardens are also a great place for cycling, with many bike paths and lanes in the area.

The 111th Arden Fair is Saturday, Sept. 1, 2024 at the Gild Hall of the Arden Club. This annual event showcases the unique character of Arden and helps support the Club’s stewardship of the estate, which is open year-round for concerts, plays, tours, and other events. To learn more, visit

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