Banuba Video Editor SDK

Banuba Video Editor SDK is a versatile video editing tool with an intuitive and feature-rich interface. This Android and iOS app development kit provides developers with a range of features, including filters, effects, animations and backgrounds. It can be used by a variety of platforms and users, and is based on the popular Banuba Augmented Reality technology.

Augmented Reality Software for Video Editing Applications

The Banuba face tracking technology allows developers to build a variety of video editing and social media applications with enhanced augmented reality (AR) features. It includes face filters, virtual try-ons and beauty editor tools.

Create a unique and compelling AR experience for your audience with face filters, virtual try-ons, facial beauty tools and avatars. The face tracking SDK is ideal for enhancing the user experience in video editing and conferencing apps, social media, and mobile entertainment.

Add depth and focus to videos with radial, mirrored or gaussian blur using over 60 state-of-the-art filters. Apply multiple layers of filter effects, overlays and frames to add depth and create a unified look.

Use video templates for a consistent aesthetic across your application’s video workflow. Enable mass personalization and creative automation by embedding a variable in each video.

Customize the editor UI and theme to match your brand identity. Change toolbar elements, icons and button labels to create a seamless visual design.

Construct a variety of effects with an easy-to-use filter constructor and preview them in real time on your desktop. The Banuba Filter Editor helps you set effect properties and behaviour, as well as add audio and beautification components and effect triggers.

Adapt the SDK to suit your needs by adding custom assets for filters, stickers, overlays and frames. Easily sort and sort video and audio libraries, and reposition or customize toolbar elements.

Develop a video editor for Android that is suited to any use case with the Banuba Video Editor SDK. The versatile tool supports various video formats and resolutions, enabling you to build a variety of immersive visual experiences with minimal effort.

Video Essentials to Advanced Workflows

The Banuba video editor SDK comes with a wide range of essential and advanced tools for your video editing needs. The core set of operations, including crop, flip and rotate, is pre-defined for a variety of file types, while the advanced tools enable you to create video collages and fine-tune video color.

Video Templates to Jumpstart Your Users’ Creativity

The SDK is packed with role based design templates that can be quickly configured for your specific use cases. These templates will jumpstart your users’ creativity, enabling them to quickly and efficiently create professional-looking videos for their audiences.

Aspects of the SDK that Make It Stand Out

Whether you’re a small startup developing a TikTok-like video editing app or a big corporation looking to expand your reach with an interactive app, the Banuba video editor SDK is the perfect tool to get started. It offers a wide range of features to help you build a powerful video editor app, and can be integrated into any existing mobile or desktop application.

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