Benefits of Thailand Elite Membership

Unlike most visas that require a lot of paperwork and often have strict income requirements, Thailand elite membership offers foreigners the opportunity to acquire a long-term multiple entry visa that is easily affixed in their passport in exchange for a small membership fee. It is intended to attract affluent visitors and high-earners who want to avoid the hassle of visa runs, digital nomads, retirees, investors, and businessmen who need to travel in and out of Thailand several times a year.

Besides the visa, Thailand elite members also receive an extensive range of other services. These include limousine airport transfers, concierge services, and 24/7 assistance with navigating the bureaucracy. Moreover, members are given access to exclusive discounts at hotels, spas, restaurants, shopping centers, and hospitals. Additionally, they are provided with a concierge service that can help them book tours and activities, find a place to live, and obtain administrative documents.

Thailand elite membership is also very cost-effective compared to other options. The minimum fee is just THB600,000 for the 5-year individual package. For an additional THB50,000, this package can be upgraded to the 20-year elite superiority extension or elite ultimate privileges packages, which offer all the base privileges of the program plus many other VIP services.

The application process for the Thailand elite visa is quick and simple, making it a popular choice among digital nomads who don’t like the hassle of visa runs or frequent changes in immigration regulations. The visa is easy to obtain even if you are already in the country, and you can bypass the requirement for health insurance that is a mainstay of other visas.

Another benefit of Thailand elite membership is the priority queue at immigration when you arrive. The hostesses at the airport will welcome you as soon as you leave your flight, and you can skip the regular queue to pass passport control. Once you’ve cleared immigration, a driver will be waiting to transport you to your residence.

Another benefit of Thailand elite is the ability to hire a visa agent to handle your 90-day reports, which are required for other types of long-term visas. This service is not available to other visa holders, and it can save you a lot of time and money. However, it is important to note that the 90-day report service is only available if you stay in the country for over 90 days. Otherwise, you will need to visit the immigration office yourself to submit your report. For this reason, you should plan your trips carefully to ensure that you will not run into any problems with your visa. This is particularly important if you intend to work or conduct business in the country. Thailand elite membership

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