Best Dad Jokes

Dad jokes walk a thin line between wit and dumb humor. They’re often corny and cheesy, but they’re also hilarious. Whether you’re celebrating Father’s Day, a road trip or game night, these best dad jokes will make everyone laugh.

Unlike most jokes, dad jokes aren’t funny because they’re offensive or because they break a rule of humour (e.g., a sexual pun). Rather, they’re funny because they violate the norms of humour production itself. In other words, they’re so lame and unfunny that their sheer stupidity makes them funny. This type of humour is known as anti-humour and it’s different from other forms of jokes in that it doesn’t require particular knowledge of language or culture to understand, unlike fart jokes for example.

Dad jokes are also a form of playful and safe teasing, which is particularly important for image-conscious and sensitive adolescent children. They can also teach children to manage feelings of embarrassment in healthy ways. In other words, a good dad joke can be an effective way to build strong and positive family relationships.

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