Careers in Financial Technology

Financial technology, or FinTech, is an incredibly fast-growing industry that uses innovative software and algorithms to improve activities in the finance sector. From robo-advisers to credit scoring and payment apps, the world of finance is now more connected than ever before, opening up new opportunities for both consumers and businesses to get better, more convenient services.

In addition to facilitating more efficient business operations and cutting costs, fintechs also help to expand financial inclusion by making loans and investment products more accessible to people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to them. This is achieved by unbundling conventional offerings like mortgages and investments into separate, standalone products that can be accessed more easily and quickly.

The lending money component of traditional finance firms has also been disrupted by fintechs, such as peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders and online marketplaces for secured and unsecured debt — which offer more attractive terms and rates than banks, and often require little or no documentation. Additionally, the business of investing has been transformed by a plethora of new online brokerages and ‘buy-now-pay-later’ products that have slashed fees and eliminated the need to open an account at a bank or broker.

These and other innovations in fintech are creating new career opportunities for qualified professionals. Those with a degree in financial technology can find jobs at traditional banking institutions, or at specialized fintech startups that focus on areas such as alternative lending, cryptocurrency management and trading, blockchain technologies, open banking, Robo-advisement and machine learning applications, and cybersecurity.

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