Challenges of Medical Marijuana Delivery

While marijuana is legal in the majority of states, medical marijuana delivery still has its challenges. Many localities have restrictions on where marijuana can be delivered, and there are often concerns about safety. Some municipalities require a special vehicle, while others have specific delivery routes or limit the number of deliveries. There have also been some robberies of delivery drivers, but it is important to note that this typically occurs after nightfall, and most are targeted against the driver, not the customer.

Efficient routing is a critical component of successful marijuana delivery. Dispatchers and drivers must be able to efficiently map out routes and optimize the amount of deliveries in a given time period. This requires clear standard operating procedures and a solid workflow that is flexible to the needs of individual markets. In addition, state and local regulations can often restrict delivery methods, so it is important to consult with compliance experts to ensure that your business model complies with regulations in the markets where you operate.

Despite these challenges, there are several examples of marijuana delivery services that are thriving, including a few that are backed by celebrities and investors. For example, a popular California delivery service, Eaze, is backed by Snoop Dogg and has 800,000 customers.

Some of these delivery services offer a variety of products, from flowers to edibles to concentrates and pre-rolls. They may charge a flat delivery fee or a percentage of the product purchase. Some may have a minimum order size or only accept cash upon delivery. medical marijuana delivery

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