Clay Pigeon Shooting As an Effective Team Building Activity

Team building is one of the latest concepts for increasing the productivity of a team. In corporate environments, a task is always given to a team, and they will have to discuss the various alternatives that should be employed in order to fulfill the task. Various duties will be assigned to the members and when they work in unison results can be obtained easily. Ample motivation is required so that the team members can corporate among themselves and team building activities are known to be effective for the process. In this article, we shall be looking into clay pigeon shooting as one of the most efficient methods of team building.

The meaning of the phrase can be learnt easily – you will be shooting pigeon models made out of clay. The shooting is accomplished with the help of a suitably crafted gun. Although initially air guns were employed, specialized guns were created for the process. The process is simple, you will have to shoot down clay models of pigeons which are ejected using a suitable mechanism. The task may seem easy, but unless you have prior shooting experience, the whole paradigm becomes tougher. Yet it is one of the most widely practiced forms of team building activity all over the world.

Before the shooting commences an instructor will introduce himself and will explain the working of the sport briefly. Make sure you heed to his words because there are no second chances in this sport. If you are not careful enough you might end up hurting the other team members. It is always better to do some practice shots to familiarize with the gun. Usually the instructor himself will mention these. The shooter and the team members who are attending to him will be given protection in the form of vests.

Many factors should be kept in your mind while shooting these clay pigeons. Some of the much-needed qualities for this sport are precise concentration and eyesight coupled with a good response time. You will get to shoot the pigeon only when it is airborne and usually it takes less than three straight shots to break the mold. For beginners various considerations have been given by employing models that break within one direct hit. Some of the advanced shooting ranges also employ laser guns, which are the safest in the sport. The models will be fitted with a receiver and you will have to point the gun at the model for the model to break apart.

However, these laser shootouts are more expensive, hence be prepared to make an investment. It is better to divide the team into smaller groups so that a minor competition can be held between the teams. This will add an entirely different approach to the whole paradigm adding to the realism of the sport. Besides, the teams get to work together so that they can surpass the other teams in the points obtained. Some rules will have to be followed in this sport and this too will add to the competitive nature of the sport. shooting Budapest

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