Concrete Water Tank Repairs

Concrete tanks play a vital role in potable water storage and wastewater processing, yet they are not naturally impervious to water. As such, they must be regularly inspected and repaired in order to remain safe and secure. This is especially true for underground and above ground concrete water tanks.

The most common problems that can be found in these types of tanks include leakage, cracking, pitting and corrosion. These problems are a direct result of the water that is stored in them, and as time goes by these issues are only going to get worse. Fortunately, these tanks can often be repaired and restored with the use of specialised cement-based products that are used for repairing cracks, seeps and holes in concrete tanks that cause leakage and loss.

Unlike plastic tank liners which can be quickly sealed, concrete is very difficult to repair and in many cases requires emptying the tank and taking it out of service in order to properly fix the problem. This can be extremely expensive and may not even fully resolve the problem, leading to a new round of costly repairs down the road.

One way to mitigate the high cost of concrete repairs is to choose steel tanks when initially constructing your tank. Not only are these cheaper than concrete, they are also 100% recyclable, preventing your old tank from becoming a permanent landfill once it’s out of service. concrete water tank repairs

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