Deep House Cleaning Services

A clean and tidy home is a healthy and comfortable place to live. However, sometimes more than just standard cleaning is needed to remove dirt and grime from hard-to-reach places. When the bathroom gets dingy, the kitchen is overrun with food and grease buildup, or the bedroom is covered in dust bunnies and cobwebs, it may be time to call for deep house cleaning services. Whether you need to prepare for guests or are simply tired of living in an untidy house, a deep clean can make your home feel new again.

A deep clean is typically a one-time service that includes heavy duty cleaning and sanitation tasks not included in regular, weekly house cleaning services. Depending on the company you hire, these tasks can include scrubbing floors, disinfecting high-touch areas, and cleaning interior appliances.

Some companies also offer specialized deep cleaning services for outdoor spaces, laundry rooms, and garages. If you are looking for a deep clean that encompasses a large area of your house, make sure to discuss what is included in the service with your cleaner so that you are fully satisfied with the end result.

Cleaning can be a labor-intensive job that can easily fall by the wayside in your busy life. While it is recommended to deep clean your home two or three times per year, the reality is that many people only manage to tackle their cleaning checklist once a season. Keeping up with standard cleaning tasks such as putting away clothing and toys, wiping down surfaces, and sweeping and mopping floors can help prevent the need for deep cleans in between.

Bathrooms are notorious for gathering dirt and grime, and the shower is a prime spot for mold and mildew buildup. In a deep clean, your cleaner will scrub every surface and fixture, including the bathtub, shower, and toilet. They will also wipe down walls and mirrors, and empty and disinfect the trash can. They may even scrub and disinfect the drainpipe and garbage disposal.

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and a dirty one can quickly turn into a health hazard. During a deep kitchen clean, your cleaner will scrub and clean all counters, appliances, and sinks. They will take out and wash the garbage, and sanitize all cabinets and shelves. They will also empty and wipe down the refrigerator and freezer, and clean the hood vent and replace the filter if necessary.

Bedrooms are often neglected, but a clean and well-kept bedroom is a good way to relax after a long day. During a deep cleaning, your cleaner will wipe down surfaces and organize drawers, closets, and storage areas. They will also vacuum and wash curtains, dust blinds, clean windows and window sills, and wipe down the mattress and box spring.

Deep cleaning is often more expensive than standard cleaning, but it can be well worth the investment. A deep clean can give your house a much-needed facelift, and make you more confident in your home’s cleanliness.

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