Dog Health And Exercise – Show Your Dog The Love With Regular Exercise

Go ahead…give your dog the gift of regular exercise. Sounds simple…right? Well it is! Your dog will be happier, healthier and better behaved. Many behavior problems stem from excess burn it off. Read on to learn how you can bond with your dog through a fun exercise routine.

How much exercise is enough?

The answer will depend on your dog’s unique needs. A small dog may need less exercise than a large dog. Also, your canine’s age will be a factor. But the best way to determine if your dog’s getting enough exercise is to ask yourself, does your dog seem satisfied? When I take my German Shepard for a 20 minute walk…she looks at me like, are we finished already? If this is your dog, you’ll need to lengthen the walk.

Good exercise incorporates obedience.

When you’re walking your dog, it’s important to have complete control. This will help with unexpected situations, such as the off lease dog or child on a bike. Work with your dog on commands like sit, heal, and stay.

Commit to a regular routine.

Can you imagine running a marathon if you haven’t trained? To keep your dog in the best shape, give him daily exercise. So open up your planner, and schedule a time that works best for you. Your dog will thank you with many licks!

Challenge the high-energy dog.

Do you have a dog that seems to never get tired? Me too! A great way to burn off that energy is using interval training. Start at a slow pace to warm up, and then graduate to a faster pace. Do two minutes at a fast pace, and than slow down for a couple minutes. Muskeltillväxt

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