Dometic CFX3 Review – A Review of Dometic Cooling Units

Dometic has long been a powerhouse in the overland and RV refrigeration market. Their business strategy is based on absorption cooling technology which offers advantages over compressor technologies in the niche area of mobile comfort: silent and vibration-free operation, flexibility regarding energy source, low weight and robustness.

For our evaluation of dometic fridges, we took into account the cooling performance (speed and energy consumption), insulation, ease of use and maintenance. The Dometic CFX3 performed well in all areas. It had the fastest cooling rate in our test and was also one of the most energy efficient units, using only 4.6 amp hours in our testing cycle under rapid cooling.

The Dometic CFX3 is designed to be tough and travel-friendly. Its heavy-duty ExoFrame with rounded and reinforced edges gives the unit strength and durability while still being light in weight. A waterproof and high-resolution LCD user interface is easy to read. The CFX3 is also equipped with one of the best app interfaces for monitoring and controlling the fridge on the go, providing amp hour usage graphs and smarts alerts such as leaving the lid open.

Dometic is committed to finding alternatives for sodium chromate, the corrosion inhibitor used in their absorption refrigerators. They are conducting a battery of studies to evaluate the various solutions that can prevent corrosion. These include laboratory investigations to have a better theoretical understanding of the alternative’s ability to prevent corrosion in an absorption refrigerator and service life evaluations to see how the various solutions perform under real-life conditions. norcold cooling units

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