Emerald Taxi Service Review

The emerald taxi service is an amazing company that offers high quality and great customer service. They are reliable and always on time. The service is affordable as well. I highly recommend them.

Emerald Taxis needed a solution that would offer customers the option to pay on arrival at their destination, so they started looking for a payment system. After speaking to CabCard fleets team, they opted for an all-in-one CabCard Pocket terminal which could be handed to drivers as they entered their vehicle and which enabled customers to use contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay. This was a big advantage for them, as it also meant that their back office team had full oversight of all transactions using the online fleet dashboard, as well as being able to send payment receipts via SMS or email to customers if necessary.

Request on demand for rides around Emerald Hills and experience taxi-like services with helpful app features including 24/7 requesting, helpful in-app safety features & affordable upfront prices. Plus, see driver profiles & ratings so you can pick the perfect ride for you. Plus, speed up the rental process with Emerald Checkout – available at select locations. And get special privileges reserved exclusively for Emerald Club members.

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