Family & Divorce Lawyers

Divorce and family law can be emotional, but also complicated, and many issues require the help of an attorney. A lawyer with extensive knowledge in this practice area will be able to assist clients in divorce proceedings, child custody matters, alimony disputes and other related topics. The American Bar Association has a section that deals with family law, and there are several national professional organizations for attorneys in this field.

Some common legal scenarios that fall under this category include:

Domestic Violence: When a spouse or partner abuses an individual in the home, a lawyer can assist with getting a restraining order filed and enforce existing ones. Custody and Visitation: When a couple cannot agree on how to share time with their children, a family law lawyer can help set a schedule and parenting plan that is best for everyone involved.

Property Division: The rules for dividing marital assets will vary by state, and courts will look at factors such as income, services provided by each spouse during the marriage; waste and dissipation of assets; fault; and the length of the relationship and marriage. Lawyers will be able to explain the process and help their clients reach an equitable settlement.

Bryant & Bleier, LLP, is a New York City law firm that serves residents in contested and uncontested divorce cases. Its lawyers have years of experience dealing with high-asset divorces along with same-sex and inter-family divorces. They are also experienced in child support, custody, visitation and mediation. אמיר בר לב

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