Fenbendazole Cancer Protocol

Fenbendazole is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic used to treat and prevent intestinal parasites in dogs, cats, ferrets, goats, sheep, cattle and a variety of exotic species. It is available by prescription only from a veterinarian.

The Fenbendazole Cancer Protocol has been gaining interest over the past year, following some remarkable fenbendazole cancer success stories. Fenbendazole is part of the benzimidazole (I coined it “benz”) family, which has been used as a dewormer or anthelmintic for roughly six decades.

Fenbendazole is easy to administer as it comes in a powder form and can be mixed with canned food. It is also available in a palatable flavoured liquid suspension for small animals, but this can be impractical when treating very small kittens and cats. Mebendazole is another member of the benzimidazole carbamate anthelmintic family, with an excellent track record of safety and effectiveness in human use, especially for long term or ongoing treatment.

Fenbendazole powder is a powerful broad spectrum anthelmintic medication that works on a wide variety of intestinal parasites. Also known by the brand names Panacur and Safe-Guard, fenbendazole is well tolerated by dogs with minimal side effects such as vomiting or diarrhea. In the case of the worms it treats, fenbendazole interrupts their energy metabolism and causes them to die off in the digestive tract.

While often prescribed as a treatment for existing parasites, fenbendazole can be incorporated into a preventive regimen. This is particularly important in puppies, as they have a higher risk of contracting an intestinal parasite. When used correctly, fenbendazole can eliminate intestinal parasites before they have an opportunity to mature and cause illness in your dog.

Aside from its anthelmintic activity, fenbendazole also acts as a dewormer for cattle, small ruminants (sheep, goats), dogs, cats, fur animals (raccoons, ferrets), and nonlactating dairy goats and swine to remove nematodes in the Ascarididae, Ascaridiidae, Heiferidia, Dipylidiidae, Erysidae, Oxyuridae, and Trichonematidae families. It also deworms the trematodes of the Dicrocoeliidae family including Taeniidae, Dictyocauliidae and Diplocephalidae. fenben powder

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