Flood Fire Restoration – What Professionals Do

Flood fire restoration is a difficult task, even for professionals with the right equipment and knowledge. Aside from the obvious damage caused by water and smoke, flooding after a fire presents several issues that require attention to avoid further problems.

It’s best to wait until it’s safe to return home before starting the cleanup process. Dangers, such as gas leaks and electrical hazards, may not be visible until the waters recede. If you do decide to go back inside, take precautions and wear appropriate protective gear.

Getting rid of odors and contaminants is crucial to restoring your property. This can be done with specialized deodorization techniques like thermal fogging and ozone treatment, which break down odor molecules to remove them from the air. The process will also include sanitizing restorable items and structures to ensure they’re safe for use in your home or business.

After removing standing water and cleaning any affected materials, professionals will use advanced drying techniques to restore the structure’s interior. This includes using dehumidifiers and air movers to speed up the process. If your property was severely impacted by the fire, professionals may also tarp and board large holes to keep out pests and opportunistic thieves. flood fire restoration

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