German Courses in London

Whether you are looking for beginner German evening classes or conversational language courses in London, there is a language course to suit your needs. The German language has 100 million speakers and is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe. Learn to speak this language and you can open doors for career and travel opportunities across the EU and around the world.

Dedicated to providing the best language learning experience possible, Berlitz offers intensive German courses in London. The classes are designed to immerse students in the language, and lessons are tailored to each student’s level and goals. The lessons follow the Berlitz Method which focuses on communication and real-world conversation skills from the very first lesson.

These classes are taught using the communicative approach, so your teacher will use only German to give instructions and directions. You may find this a little challenging at first, but you will quickly develop your confidence when speaking.

Natasha’s classes are lively and fun, with a great mix of activities. She encourages everyone to participate and treats mistakes as part of the learning process, so you never feel like you’re back in school!

If you want to improve your grammar and vocabulary and learn how to express yourself in a more fluent way, this is the course for you. You will also gain practical knowledge of how to communicate effectively in Germany, and you will develop your confidence by talking about various topics with your class mates. German courses London

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