How Diamond Paste Can Elevate Your Work

Diamond paste is a special type of polishing compound made from finely ground or powdered diamond particles and some kind of liquid, usually water based. The diamond paste can be used to polish a variety of surfaces, including metals and plastics. It can also be used for sharpening a wide variety of tools, including metal blades and woodworking blades. The paste may be packaged in a variety of sizes, from small syringes for more exact application to larger buckets for more general use. Many manufacturers produce a variety of different grits of paste, often in specific colors, to facilitate selecting the proper grit for the surface that needs to be polished.

Generally, diamond paste is used with some sort of lubricant or extender fluid to help with application. The lubricant or extender helps to evenly distribute the diamond paste over the polishing cloth, and it can help to keep the diamond paste from sticking too quickly. This will ensure a consistent and even finish on the surface being polished.

Most grinding, lapping and polishing done with diamond paste is performed progressively; starting with a coarser grade and working to the finest possible finish for maximum esthetics. This is a very important aspect of the process, as the most expensive diamonds are often reserved for the final stages of finishing or sharpening.

A high-quality diamond paste is a key part of a quality diamond grinder or polishing wheel, and it can help to prolong the life of both the wheel and the tool. For this reason, it is a good idea to purchase the highest-quality diamond paste that you can afford to maintain.

Kemet OS Diamond Paste is a highly effective diamond paste that’s designed to help elevate your work when polishing or sharpening a variety of materials. It’s an excellent option for precision engineering or electronic applications because it is water soluble, which makes it easier to clean up and reduces the risk of residue buildup.

Another great feature of Kemet OS diamond paste is that it’s free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to the environment and human health. This is important because VOCs can release into the air and cause respiratory problems for workers.

The Kemet diamond paste is also available in a set with a specially designed applicator stick, which can make it much easier to apply the diamond paste without leakage or mess. The applicator sticks are made of monocrystalline or polycrystalline materials that help to ensure the precise and uniform application of the diamond paste on the polishing cloth.

Henry Schein carries a large selection of quality diamond polishing pastes from top dental brands such as Kerr DiaSheen, Pulpdent Sparkle, Shofu Dental and more. We also have a variety of products under our private label brand that are high-quality and affordable. We have the diamond paste you need to get the best results from your grinder or polishing wheel. For more information on our selection of diamond products, contact us today!

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