How Getting Your Home Insurance Quotes Online Can Leave You High and Dry – In a Good Way!

Home ownership is wet. There’s something less-than-magical about being an adult, living on one’s own, and being the one to deal with all of the odd little projects that come up suddenly. Even renters have to deal with leaky faucets and overflowing toilets once in a while!

The smart renter will have a good relationship with the landlord and be able to keep damage to a minimum by getting him in to fix problems promptly. The smarter renter will also get insurance quotes online to save money on insurance premiums in case the landlord gets there a little late, but not late enough to prove negligence on his part.

Condo and homeowners get to have even more fun. Have you ever been in a condo complex where someone’s pipes have burst? Did you know that makes it much more likely that other units will have problems?

Owners need to be very careful to turn the water off to all outside pipes during the cold winter months, and that may have to be as early as the first frost in some places. For those times that you don’t, won’t it be nice to know you got your insurance quotes online and may have already saved your deductible by being smart and shopping around?

Saving time and money become even more paramount when lawns and older homes are involved, when it becomes not only preferable but vital to take the time to shop for home insurance quotes online instead of signing on with the first agent to come your way. Lawn care can be wet in the most fun ways yet- sprinklers and hoses and setting up rain barrels can be quite pleasant for those who love to nurture nature.

Dipping your hands into a gutter and coming up with wet, soggy fingers isn’t quite as pleasant, but, since it helps avoid roof damage, we’ll tolerate that form of damp. On the other side of the watery spectrum we have the hideous ‘squelch’ of a wet basement carpet, or ‘sploosh’ of an unfinished basement floor caused by poor drainage or poor seals on your lower floor’s access points.

Older properties require regular attention and love, and plenty of checkups along the way. If it’s been a while since you got your last home insurance quotes, the good news is that upgrades to your house can save you money on premiums. The bad news is that you need to monitor your pipes as least as often as your premium prices to keep your water damage claims to a minimum.

Have you known the horror of looking up at a ceiling in your home and noticing that slight discoloration? Sometimes, it’s quick- the seal on the twenty year-old pipes under your shower gives out, and suddenly it looks like someone has spilled a lot of coffee on ceiling of the floor below. Yelp, then get on the phone ASAP to keep that damage to a minimum.

Sometimes, it more insidious- maybe aging roof nails came loose in a storm, and the shadows at the apex of your ceiling just look dimmer… and dimmer… and, hey, is that kind of an outline? Why is there a faint, huge outline on the…? Hopefully this is the part where you have the roof examined and the damage controlled. Once the giant rings appear and bits of ceiling start to fall, you’re probably moving to at least one new place for a while- Insurance Claim City.

Being responsible for a place is a fun thing, and while it’s a great idea to pack your bathing suit, it’s an even better idea to remember to get your home insurance quotes online. Every hundred dollars you save can really help you help keep your head above water by helping to cover maintenance costs when your place decides to leave you all wet. quotes on movers

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