How to Choose the Best Home Theater Kit

Home theater systems can turn any at-home movie night into an unforgettable experience. But getting the right equipment to make it all work can be a challenge, especially for people unfamiliar with home theater electronics. Home theatre kits, or HTIBs, offer a way around that problem by bundling together all the necessary components in one package.

However, the quality of HTIBs varies widely and there are many factors to consider before purchasing one. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to choose the best home theater kit and recommend some of our favorites.

A full-featured home theater system requires a TV, a sound bar or receiver, some speakers and, in most cases, some form of video input (like an HDMI cable or component). If you’re looking to upgrade your current setup, you may also need to purchase a media streaming device like an Amazon Echo or a Roku Streaming Stick.

In terms of the television, the best choice is a 4K UHD HDR model with built-in Wi-Fi, which makes it easier to connect to your home network and watch streaming content. It’s also more compatible with the latest audio codecs, such as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which can create a cinematic experience with a more lifelike sense of depth and dimension.

Similarly, the best home theater soundbar is one that delivers excellent audio performance and offers easy integration with your existing TV. For example, the Bestisan 80W Home Theater Soundbar is an affordable option that comes with a wide range of inputs, including optical, RCA and USB, as well as Bluetooth 5.0, making it simple to connect your favorite devices. It also includes a universal remote control, so you can use your smart phone or tablet to control the soundbar and TV.

Another great choice for your home cinema is the Sonos 5.1 Home Theater set, which is a powerhouse wireless system that can support Dolby Atmos. It consists of twin surround speakers, a subwoofer and the new Sonos Arc soundbar, all of which can be controlled with a single app on your smartphone or tablet. It’s incredibly simple to use and the only wires you’ll see are those connecting the components to wall plugs.

Finally, for those who want to go all-out and create a true multi-dimensional cinematic experience, there’s this Samsung option, which boasts 17 built-in speakers and Dolby Atmos compatibility. Its proprietary Adaptive Sound technology optimizes the audio on the fly based on what’s being played, providing immersive cinematic sound that will have you thinking your movies are coming from real overhead speakers. For complete ease of installation, it also features built-in 4K pass-through and HDR10.

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