How to Determine Gallon Per Minute Conversion

Gallon per minute is a unit used to measure the rate at which water flows in a pipe or hose. This metric is sometimes called flow rate and it’s a crucial measurement when designing or testing a piece of equipment. GPM can also be referred to as gallons per hour, but it’s important to note that the two measurements are not the same. To find flow rate from velocity, divide the speed of the liquid by its cross-sectional area.

A standard garden hose has a water flow rate of 9 to 17 GPM (gallon per minute). The exact value depends on the type of hose and water pressure.

GPM is different than Pressure per square inch, or PSI, which is a measurement of the force that a tank or pipe exerts on a given area. A pump’s GPM is dependent on the head, or height it must overcome to push water through its system.

When you’re trying to determine a pump’s GPM or a showerhead’s flow rate, the best method is to get a container and time how long it takes for the container to fill up. Then, divide 60 by the number of seconds it took to fill to find the GPM.

You can also use the meter in your water tank to see how much your home consumes each minute. Just be sure to check the meter’s calibration regularly so you know what the actual reading is. gpm to lpm

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