How to Get a Free Car – Without Relying on Your Luck

Just about everyone would love to receive a free car check without having to worry about making payments or driving an old beater that could break down at any moment. That’s why the Car Sweepstakes Listing is one of my most popular pages. But how would you like to get a free car – or even get paid for driving – without the long odds of entering sweepstakes?

Lee Seats, the Freebies Guide, explains how this is possible in his article, Want a Free Car? Lee has interviewed several agencies that are giving away free cars to regular people in return for one little thing – the cars are wrapped with advertisements from various companies.

Many people see this as a real win-win situation. Advertisers are getting the word out about their products and services in a new and unique way. This is especially important as people become more used to tuning out traditional advertisements. In a world where Tivo can strip ads from television shows and ad-blockers can prevent people from viewing them online, having moving advertisements on cars is an innovative way to make people sit up and take notice.

From the perspective of the average Joe who receives a free advertising-wrapped car, this is a great deal as well. Many people would gladly drive an unusual-looking car if it means that they get a free, safe method of transportation without the worry of debt and mounting bills. For information about how to participate in these programs, their requirements, and what your chances are of receiving a free car, check out Want a Free Car? for more information.

What do you think about this new advertising method? Would it be worth it to you to get a free car, or would you be embarrassed to be a driving advertisement for a business that you may or may not support? Do you feel that the invasion of privacy of having a GPS tracking device in your car, as some programs require, would negate the advantages of driving for free? Let me know in the comments!

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