How to Learn Programming

If you’re interested in launching a career in the tech industry or want to create websites, mobile apps, or computer games, you’ll need to learn programming. Programming is the process of using a programming language to give instructions to a computer, which then creates the software people use every day.

It’s important to start your journey as a programmer with clear and defined goals. This will guide you in what kind of programming languages you choose to learn, what kinds of projects you want to complete, and how quickly you aim to move through the learning process. However, don’t worry if other coders advance in their careers more quickly than you—it takes time to build a solid foundation of programming fundamentals.

Choosing a Programming Language
There are many different programming languages, but most beginners should focus on one that aligns with their goals. Python is an excellent choice for beginners, as it has a simple syntax and features that make it easy for humans to read. It’s also highly portable, meaning that it can be used on a wide range of hardware and platforms. Other introductory programming languages include Java, which is commonly used in web applications and Android mobile applications, and C, a more wordy language that provides a good foundation for understanding computer architecture.

It’s also helpful to pick a programming language that has libraries of pre-built functions, which make it easier to build complex programs. You can also find a community of coders and mentors who can help you along your way.

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