How to Replace a Ray Ban Nose Pad

If the nose pads on your Ray-ban frames are wearing out or are ill-fitting, it’s not difficult to switch them out. Whether your glasses have traditional screw-in style nose pads, push-in style or snap-in styles, changing them out is straightforward and inexpensive.

The first thing to do is to locate the screws that hold the nose pads in place. There are usually two of them, and they will be located on the ends of the frame, right where the nose sits. A small screwdriver will be needed to remove the screws and loosen the nose pad. Once the nose pad is loose, it can be removed by pulling on it. Be very careful, as the stem of the nose pad can bend or break if too much pressure is applied to it.

There are several different types of nose pads available for purchase, including silicone, acetate, plastic and metal. Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, acetate is very durable and hypoallergenic, but can cause allergic reactions in some people. Silicone is comfortable and provides a soft feel against the skin of the nose. It is also easy to clean and won’t stain or discolor the nose. It is also less expensive than acetate or other synthetic materials.

Most of the newer frames made by the Luxottica Group, which produces the Ray Ban brand, use silicon nose pads. These are comfortable, hypoallergenic and can be cleaned easily with soapy water. The downside is that they are not as durable as acetate or plastic, and may become cracked or damaged over time.

Another option for a replacement nose pad is a plastic material called polycarbonate. This material is very strong and light, but it can deteriorate over time, especially in hot climates. Polycarbonate can also irritate the skin on the nose.

Some frames have a crimp-on or clip-on nose pad. These nose pads mount to a recessed indentation on the bridge area of the eyeglasses frame. These are usually made from either PVC or silicone and can be found on some Ray-Bans as well as other brands of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Push-in style nose pads can be installed by removing the original nose pad and then firmly pushing the new nose pad tab through the nose pad receiver. This can be done with a finger or the point of a screwdriver, but it is important to use a firm grip on the nose pad stem as it will become bent or broken if too much pressure is applied to it. Once the nose pad is in place, line up the hole on the back of the nose pad with the hole provided on the nose pad receiver and re-tighten the screw. The same method can be used for snap-in nose pads, but this is typically only recommended if the original pads are made from plastic. Otherwise, it is better to stick with the original acetate or acetate/plastic hybrid ray ban nose pad replacement

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