How To Use YouTube To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Site

Everybody’s talking about web 2.0 or how to use new traffic strategies to drive more people-rather,How To Use YouTube To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Site Articles buyers to your web sites.


And today, I’m going to show you a very powerful to do just that, without spending a dime (well, maybe a few dollars).


What am I talking about?




Now you should know YouTube pretty well. But allow me give you some facts:


Fact #1: YouTube went from ZERO to 4,000,000,000 MONTHLY visitors within 3 months. And it’s still growing by a staggering rate each day.


Fact #2: In 2006, YouTube won Times Magazine’s “Invention of the Year.”


Fact #3: YouTube is in the Top 5 most valuable web properties in the world.


Fact #4: YouTube features videos from hundreds and thousands of members, and has made MANY people famous.


Fact #5: And get this-more than 75,000 new videos are uploaded every, single day (you see that right.)


Fact #6: Last but not least-YouTube serves up to two hundred MILLION clicks daily.


What does that mean to you as a marketer or an Internet entrepreneur?


Well, it only means there’s a HUGE amount of traffic ready to be tapped into if you know how to use YouTube to drive more visitors to your web sites.


We’ll discuss how you can use YouTube to drive massive views on your web sites in a while.


But first, “What makes a good YouTube video?”


If you notice, a lot of the videos on YouTube are made by amateurs.


They’re usually not professionally filmed videos.


But that’s what makes YouTube attractive, isn’t it?


These videos are not really professional, and most of the time “RAW”, but it’s realistic.


Sometimes, they are just THAT much more interesting because they’re not really perfect.


To answer our previous question, I’ll reveal some of my ideas here.


You see, I’m actually in the process of developing some of my videos to be uploaded on YouTube and use them to drive traffic to my web sites (there’s a ‘science’ to it¡K as some of my clients have proven time and again with their YouTube videos). buy watch time hours youtube

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