Inspirational Jewelry for a Life With Purpose

Inspired Jewelry for a Life with Purpose
Inspirational rings are bracelets, pendants and rings stamped or engraved with words or symbols that convey meaning to the wearer. Whether it’s an engraved love poem or dedication, a sign of hope and faith or even a personal mantra, the message on an inspirational ring speaks directly to the wearer’s heart and mind.

For thousands of years, rings have held a range of symbolism. In addition to the function of respecting marriage, exceptional achievement, high status or authority and membership in an organization, rings have been used to sport emblems, like a family coat of arms; to bear inscriptions, such as a name and titles engraved in hieroglyphics; as an amulet – such as a poison ring, which contained a small compartment to hold poison for self-poisoning; and even as a fashion accessory.

Today, the most popular types of inspirational rings include a mother’s ring, a crucifix ring and a peace ring. A ring bearing the name and date of birth or the initials of a loved one may also be worn as an engagement ring, promise ring or friendship ring. Rings commemorating graduation or a milestone are also common, as are the rings presented to players who win championships in professional sports leagues in the Americas (including the Super Bowl and World Series). Rings that change color, indicating temperature, are a fun novelty, while others have engraved or carved inscriptions that convey a message. inspirational rings

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