Insulation Cutting Machine

A insulation cutting machine is designed to replace box cutters, scissors, hand tearing or other inefficient forms of converting Insulation material into sheets. It is easy to operate and ruggedly constructed for long life. It is available in both compression and rotary shear technology.

Unlike the alternative method of cutting insulation using a wall saw, this machine does not create any dust or swarf particles. This reduces the amount of time consuming cleaning and the requirement for employees to wear PPE. The machine also cuts the product with a fixed blade, ensuring a clean cut every time.

The machine has a built in roller and separator system that accommodates and facilitates the dispensing of up to three rolls of material. It is operated via a 15″ touch screen control panel that can be set up to be used in multiple languages. The operating system can also be programmed to allow for the creation of custom sized cuts to cater to specific project requirements.

In addition to cutting, this model can also crease the insulation ends to make cuffs. This is done on the ICM-2b model by pushing the material down firmly through two troughs that are held firmly in place with a second pair of rollers, comprised of two upper knurled rollers and one lower plastic roller. The dimensions between creases can be adjusted easily using a thumbwheel with a calibrated scale. This feature provides more scope for optimisation of the layout of the panels, reducing wastage and improving productivity.

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