IVF Treatment in Cyprus

Achieving a healthy pregnancy can be a difficult and lengthy process. With IVF treatment in cyprus, couples can make this journey more bearable and even enjoyable. Among the main factors why North Cyprus is becoming a popular destination for fertility treatments is its outstanding medical infrastructure and beneficial regulations. This enables its renowned doctors to offer exceptional treatments at lower prices.

The first step in your IVF cycle begins with undergoing basic fertility tests to find the cause of your infertility. Then, based on these results, your specialist will recommend a personalized medication protocol. For IVF with your own eggs, daily doses of synthetic hormones are administered to stimulate your ovaries into producing multiple eggs. These follicles are then monitored with ultrasounds for their progress. Once the follicles reach 18 to 20 mm in size, your doctor will administer a trigger shot (hCG). hCG signals to your ovaries to begin the egg release process.

For those who are not sure of their partner’s fertility, IVF with sperm donation is an option. Sperm analysis is conducted in our state-of-the-art lab to check for sperm count, shape, and motility. Then, the sperm are injected into your eggs to help increase chances of a successful fertilisation.

Other assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures offered at our clinic include ovarian stimulation, embryo donation, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), Gender Selection (PGS) for balancing family members, and egg freezing. We also offer surrogacy for LGBT+ patients. ivf treatment in cyprus

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