Making Customized Mugs

Everyone loves the idea of making holiday gifts by hand, but it can be incredibly difficult to come up with realistic ideas. Very few people are capable of creating stunning artwork or sewing clothing for their friends and family members. The recipients of handmade gifts, despite being appreciative, do not always have use for the things that their friends are able to make for them. Several websites have cropped up to help solve these problems. These sites allow people to customize items using their home computers. Coffee mugs are among the most popular gifts made in this manner. Customized mugs make great gifts for every occasion.

A coffee mug is a dependable gift for almost everyone. The mug will be appreciated and used, and it might even be displayed prominently on a home or office desk. Even people who do not drink coffee on a daily basis will occasionally make hot beverages like tea or hot chocolate. Whether or not someone is a coffee drinker should not be a factor in deciding to make customized mugs.

Anyone, even an artistic novice, can design a one-of-a-kind coffee mug in just a few minutes. A website that has been set up by a business specializing in these items is easy to find with an Internet search. Once a suitable website has been found, all one has to do is follow the directions on the page. The process is completed by filling out a short form. The individual who is designing the mug can type in the text that she wants printed on the mug and then choose a suitable font from a list of options. A selection of clip art will be available. There is even an option to upload a small drawing or photograph. A picture from a recent vacation or an event such as a wedding would be a good choice. It is not necessary to compose a written message to print on the mug if the designer has a suitable picture in mind. A simple design featuring the photograph, the date on which it was taken and the names of the people in it will suffice. Mugs are usually manufactured and shipped out within a week. Sometimes the customer will be asked to approve an image proof before the mugs can be made.

The mugs are cheaper when purchased in bulk. Matching personalized mugs are good holiday gifts for large groups, like sorority sisters or coworkers. Mugs will be appreciated more than items like t-shirts or hats that will probably never be worn. The mugs can be customized with an inside joke, a group photo or an image that is associated with the office or social group. It is fun to know that everyone in the group is receiving the same customized gift. It makes everyone feel included.

If a mug is being given to a close friend, it should be filled with small inexpensive items so it will look like a more substantial gift. Cosmetics or a pair of silly socks round out a gift well. Another option is a small bottle of perfume. Many popular fragrances come in $10 gift sizes of about half an ounce for this very purpose. Custom Baseball Socks

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