Mushroom Cultivation Supplies

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned mycologist, having the right supplies can make the difference between success and failure. Mushroom cultivation requires a variety of crucial equipment to ensure that your work environment is clean and that your substrate is sterilized for high yields. Below are some of the essential supplies you’ll need for successful mushroom cultivation.

Sterile Environment
One of the most important Mushroom cultivation supplies is a reliable steamer. This tool allows you to effectively sterilize your work environment and substrate, ensuring that your mushroom spawn is free from any unwanted bacteria or fungi. Steamers can be purchased from companies that specialize in HVAC supplies and from shops that stock hydroponic tents.

A Flow Hood
Another critical mushroom growing supply is a working laminar flow hood. This piece of equipment essentially consists of a fan with a filter, allowing you to bring in fresh air while venting out stale air. A quality flow hood can significantly improve the yield of your fruiting mushroom blocks by reducing the chance of contamination.

Other Important Supplies
Other critical mushroom cultivation supplies include a steamer, a syringe set, and a spore print kit. A spore print kit can help you to identify potential fruiting sites for your mushrooms, while a syringe set is useful for injecting mycelial innoculation. Finally, a storage solution for your cultures, spore prints, and syringes is important to protect them from contamination and extend their shelf life.

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