Norcold ND751 Camper AC Unit Review

If you’re looking for a quiet, reliable camper refrigerator that’s easy on your wallet, then check out the Norcold. These gas absorption fridges are a favorite in RV’s and feature an easy-to-see LCD control panel at eye level for easy operation. The refrigerator’s superior cooling units ensure reliability and durability, while built-in diagnostics make troubleshooting a breeze.

This unit is based on Dometic’s RTX2000, which is a popular truck air conditioning option for commercial drivers looking to save fuel and reduce emissions by parking and cooling the cab when not driving. It has been adapted for RV use by Dometic to run on 12-volt power, requiring a dedicated 110V AC outlet. It’s also sized differently from traditional roof-mount camper air conditioners, so it may not fit your existing cutout.

The Norcold ND751 is much more electrically efficient than a typical 3-way RV refrigerator (uses at most 3.7A@12VDC!) allowing you to bring along a lot more food and drinks for your camping trips without draining the battery. Plus, this fridge uses a brushless hermetically-sealed Danfoss BD-series compressor that’s incredibly quiet and dependable at higher ambient temperatures and will never leak lubricant or refrigerant.

This Norcold Refrigerator features easy-access storage with adjustable bins and shelving, plus convenient large-container storage bins on the door. It’s also quieter than most refrigerators thanks to its hermetically-sealed compressor and a sealed case that’s impervious to dust, dirt, and moisture. Plus, it’s lighter than most refrigerators, making it easier to install and move around. norcold camper ac

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