NOVA Cowrie Bracelet

Add a touch of culture to your boho-chic beach style with this simple but elegant knotted cowrie bracelet. This repurposed bracelet is crafted with a beautiful variety of natural cowrie shells and has an adjustable drawstring, making it easy to wear. NOVA is a casual jewelry piece with an elegant twist and looks great mixed with other Del Sol products.

Traditionally, cowrie shells were used as money and a way to trade for enslaved people during the African slave trade in the 1600s. They are also a symbol of femininity and fertility because of the shape of their outer surface, which resembles female genitalia. Many women in Africa wear them to aid in conception and during childbirth. In addition, the tiger cowrie shell has a resemblance to tiger skin and is believed to be ruled by the Hindu goddess Maa Kali. Wearing a tiger cowrie shell is believed to bring good luck, safeguard one’s spirit, and keep away bad energy and the evil eye.

These gorgeous shells come in a variety of colors, from white and light bluish-white to reddish brown with blobs and spots on the top layer. Tiger cowrie shells are the most common and have a purple color in the innermost part of the shell. They can grow up to 6 inches long. The shells are smooth and polished, more or less egg-shaped, and have a flat base that reveals a slit-like hole on the bottom. cowrie bracelet

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