Nurturing a Man’s Sense of Purpose

The best way to nurture a man’s sense of purpose is to encourage him to pursue his passions. This isn’t selfish or self-serving, but rather it’s a path that leads him into a life of service and helping others. Life coaches say that once a man finds his true purpose, he’s able to tap into his gifts and share them with the world.

When a man feels his purpose, he prioritizes his life and goals differently. He looks at both long and short term objectives in a different light. Men with purpose also react differently when things go wrong. They’re more resilient and tougher to crack. This is because they have an abundant mindset and know that things going bad is part of the process.

A strong sense of purpose is a core human need. This is reflected in the fact that most people suffer when they don’t feel their lives have meaning. In fact, modern scientific research on the topic of purpose can be traced back to Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl’s experiences in a series of concentration camps. In his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, he observed that those inmates who felt they had a purpose in life were more likely to thrive during brutal prison conditions.

As a woman, you can help your man discover his purpose by encouraging him to pursue his passions and supporting his dreams. This will create a relationship that’s more resilient and fulfilling. nurturing a man’s sense of purpose

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