Okroshka – A Light and Refreshing Russian Summer Soup

For the hottest days of summer it’s important to have light yet filling dishes. The refreshing taste of Okroshka will keep you hydrated and give you a lot of energy without making your stomach feel heavy. This dish is easy to prepare and has a good amount of protein from eggs and bologna or sausage. It also includes the healthy vegetable radish and cucumber as well as sour cream, which adds texture and flavour to this summer soup.

Okroshka is a traditional Russian cold soup made with kvass (bread drink) and vegetables such as radish, carrot, beetroot, or parsley root, but it can also be made with kefir, buttermilk or even diluted sour cream. The ingredients are mixed together and then served with boiled egg, ham or smoked sausage and fresh herbs such as dill and scallions. The dish is very refreshing and the sourness of the sour cream perfectly balances the flavours of all the other ingredients.

This is a great recipe to cook on a hot day as it doesn’t involve much heat in the kitchen. You need to cook the potatoes and radishes in advance, and you should make sure that they are completely cool before adding them to the other ingredients. Okroshka can last up to 4 days in the refrigerator.

You can prepare this dish at the same time as you are boiling the potatoes and frying the sausages in order to save the most cooking time. You can serve this soup with a slice of rye bread and a piece of fried sausage as the main meal or as a starter for a barbecue.

Okroshka can be easily stored in a fridge for up to 3 days. To keep it fresh, use a clean container and mix the wet and dry ingredients separately until you are ready to serve the dish. This way the sour cream and vegetables won’t start spoiling and you will have fresh Okroshka for longer.

Okroshka is a light and refreshing summer dish that has many of the benefits of a salad but it is creamy from the sour cream and kefir. It is full of texture from all the sliced vegetables and the addition of smoky ham or sausage makes it a hearty yet nutritious meal. It’s a great alternative to gazpacho and can be made ahead so that you have a delicious, healthy lunch when the temperatures rise. Make it this summer and enjoy it with family and friends. Bon Appetit! Okruschka

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