Pharma Shopping – Is it Safe?

Pharma Shopping is the process of ordering prescription medication online, possibly at a lower cost than a local brick-and-mortar pharmacy. With the popularity of e-commerce, it’s become more convenient than ever to buy drugs online.

But while jumping around pharmacies to get the best prices might save you a few dollars, it could be dangerous in the long run. Each time you switch pharmacies, you’ll risk forgetting to fill a pill, or accidentally take a different dosage. And the pharmacists at each pharmacy won’t have your complete medical profile, so they’ll be unable to check for any drug interactions.

Another consideration when choosing an online pharmacy is whether or not it accepts your insurance. While Amazon’s new pharmacy site does accept all major plans, it only offers a price estimate based on your specific insurance coverage. You’ll need to call your insurance company to find out the exact price of a medication.

One alternative to traditional pharmacies is the compounding pharmacy, which specializes in making custom-made medications. These pharmacies are especially useful for pet medications, which are usually a combination of human and animal drugs.

And remember, if you’re able to afford it, support your local independent pharmacies. These small businesses often have lower overhead and operational costs, so they can offer better pricing on medications than their bigger chain competitors. Plus, they help to support the local economy and are more likely to have staff who can speak to you face-to-face.

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