Pippa Small: One of the Unusual Engagement Ring Designers

Pippa Small was born in Canada and raised in Wiltshire. She is from an artistic family who travelled a lot and has had an interest in gems,Guest Posting shells and minerals since childhood. Her travels led her to study anthropology and then medical anthropology to MA level. While she studied, she made jewellery which started to attract the attention of successful fashion designers and retailers. Pippa soon collaborated with Gucci, Nicole Farhi and Chloe.

Pippa Small has also helped communities research their traditional designs to generate self-sufficiency and income. This experience has encouraged her to divide her time equally between her anthropological work and jewellery collections. Her ethical approach to jewellery is nowhere more apparent than in her ring designs.


Pippa Stone is clearly one of the most unusual engagement ring designers. All of her rings are unique because the gold is shaped around each individual stone. Pippa Small chooses the stone for its colour, texture and shape. She says that her rings are inspired by ancient Greece, Tibet and India.

Opal Greek Ring

Known as one of the luckiest and most magnificent gems, the opal Greek ring consists of a beautiful stone set in 18 karat gold. The width of the stone is 1.7cm, and the ring comes in a size M. Unique and elegant, it is worth the price of £5,250.

Green Tourmaline Cluster Ring

The green tourmaline cluster ring is lovely and is made of 18 karat gold. It has seven beautiful tourmalines handpicked by Pippa Small herself. It costs £2,500, which is a great price for an ethical engagement ring.

Labradorite Lattice Ring

The labradorite lattice ring costs £4,600 and consists of a labradorite stone and 18 karat yellow gold. This ring is a clear example of why Pippa Small is considered to be one of the most unusual engagement ring designers, since labradorite is not often used in jewellery. The laboradite lattice is set in the pattern of a turtle, and the ring can be sized to fit or to be made as a totally bespoke ring. The width of the oval is 2.7cm and the length is 2.9cm. Pippa describes it as a statement heavy gold ring.

Ruby Precious Egg Ring

Pippa Small’s ruby precious egg ring costs £3,840 and is 18 karat yellow gold with a ruby stone. The ruby has a width of 1.8 cm, and the ring is available in size M. Pippa’s use of the egg shape confirms her as one of the most unusual engagement ring designers. She says that she has been working with the shape for years and loves how it symbolises fertility, nature and life. This egg-shaped ring would make a perfect, natural looking and unique engagement ring.

Rough Crystal Tibetan Ring

The rough crystal Tibetan ring is a highly unusual and bespoke ring that consists of 22 karat yellow gold and, unsurprisingly, a crystal stone. The crystal has a length of 2.7 cm and the ring is available in size N ½. This ring costs £5,500 and is one of Pippa’s favourites. It was inspired by an old gold and turquoise ring that she once bought in Tibet. The main characteristic of the ring is that it is a heavy gold piece that follows the uncut crystal stone.

Pippa Small’s natural-looking and ethical rings make her one of the most unusual engagement ring designers. moss agate rings

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