Profitable Online Visibility – 3 Big Fat YouTube Mistakes Most People Make on Videos (Is This You?)

Profitable Online Visibility helps you get found all over your niche. And you do want to be found all over your niche, right?

And one of the best ways to do this is with your YouTube videos. Unfortunately there are a few big fat mistakes most people are making with their YouTube videos.

First of all, don’t do what most people do, because most people are broke.

With that said, here are 3 Big Fat YouTube mistakes, and what to do instead.

3 Big Fat YouTube Mistakes

YouTube Mistake #1 – Fear of Being on Camera = No Videos – It’s amazing, but so many people must believe they have a face made for radio. I say this because so many people are terrified of being “on camera” in a video. So they don’t take advantage of this great resource for online visibility.

What to do instead – There’s a couple of things you can do instead. The first is to just get over it! C’mon, work past the insecurity and get yourself out there… (don’t stop reading yet).

Since some of you will reject that first suggestion as if I’d suggested you sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl naked, here’s another suggestion. Screen capture videos. Grab your Powerpoint or Keynote and create 3 slides that show how to solve a problem in your niche. Create a video using the free software with you (NOT on screen) talking prospects through how to solve a problem.

Boom, you’ve got a video!

YouTube Mistake #2 – Screwing Up the Name of Your Video File – Say, again? In English please! OK, just follow along here. Too many people upload a video to YouTube without changing the name from “screencast 24” or something equally useless to those searching for your solutions.

What to Do Instead – Rename your video before you upload it. Instead of the dreaded and useless “screencast 24” get some keyword action going with “Profitable YouTube Marketing – Fear of Being on Camera = No Videos” for example.

YouTube Mistake #3 – A Boring and Linkless Description – Right below your YouTube video is a place for your video description. Most people (there’s that phrase again) make their description boring and do not include a link.

What to Do Instead – Uh oh, we’ve got two problems to solve here, boring descriptions and linkless descriptions.

Boring descriptions – Which one would lead you to watch a video? => “This video is about YouTube videos” or “How to avoid one of the most profit sucking YouTube video mistakes and what to do instead.”

Linkless descriptions – I once went on a search for a YouTube video with a link in the description to demonstrate for some of my higher level students what not to do. Unfortunately it was not difficult to find. Also unfortunately, and somewhat humorously, it was a pretty decent video about list building with NO links back to the person who created the video.

So if I were going to create a link for a video on just this one mistake it might go something like this:

BONUS TIP: And here’s a cool little Bonus Tip to get you more visible online – one of the best ways to “do online visibility right” is to take one action that gets you multiple results. youtube buy likes

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