San Francisco Clubs: Unique Nightlife in the Clubs of San Francisco

The clubs in San Francisco are just like the city itself: fun, exciting, and unique! A trip to the bay area is just not complete without a taste of the night life. You’ll find both 21+ and 18+ clubs where you can dance till you drop. Whatever your interests and music tastes are, you can be sure to find the best club for you.

The Seen and Be Seen Spots

There are plenty of clubs in San Francisco where you can dance with beautiful people to today’s top hits. Places like the Cellar Nightclub (located at 685 Sutter Street) are popular spots. Go there for state of the art sound systems and light displays. Dance with a beautiful, young crowd on Saturdays where DJs play the latest Top 40’s hits.

Other clubs in San Francisco, like Ruby Skye (420 Mason Street) offer more of a unique experience. It’s a fun, high-energy dance house. But the most memorable part is that the club is decked out for a variety of events around the year. The Mardi Gras spectacle – where the club is transformed into New Orlean’s Bourbon Street, is not to be missed. Celebrity DJs host crowded nights where you’ll dance into the early hours of the morning.

Alternative and Independent Music Options

Maybe something beyond the average pulse-pounding dance hits and crowded dance floors is more your thing. If that’s the case, clubs in San Francisco embrace the independent music culture. No huge, impersonal venues. You’ll find smaller spaces with alternative music for a memorable evening.

Leisure is a dance club that embraces the spirit of indie music. It is located on 1190 Folsom Street. This is a great place to go to enjoy ’90 indie hits. The crowd is more diverse than the average nightclub. You’ll find people decked out in everything from cocktail dresses to jeans and skinny ties. The dance floor is always hopping, and they play the best Brit Pop music. You’ll sing along with Morrissey, Joy Division, and Oasis, instead of the stuff you hear every day on the radio.

Cat Club (located at 1190 Folsom St) is one of the more memorable clubs in San Francisco. The club is a bit of a dive (in a good way!) It’s dark, crowded, and the crowd is a mix of people-aging anywhere from 21 to 50. 80’s night is a fun way to escape to the time of hair bands and big hair. Be sure to check out the schedule before you go since arriving and finding that the theme of the evening is Industrial music can be a bit of surprise for those looking for dance music.

Whatever you music taste, you’ll have plenty to choose from between the clubs in San Francisco. Get ready to slip on your best outfit and spend a little money on drinks. 다낭 밤문화

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