The Best Dental Blogs For Dentists

Writing a business blog is an incredible marketing tool for any dental practice. Studies have shown that companies with blogs generate more leads than those without them.

A good best dental blog will cover a variety of topics. These can include dental hygiene tips and a glossary of terms that patients may be unfamiliar with.

Ask Dr. Spindel

The New York City dentist Lawrence Spindel runs this blog that answers common patient questions. His goal is to provide information that will help people make better choices regarding their dental health. The content is helpful to patients but also encourages them to take action, such as scheduling an appointment or sharing the article on social media.

The ADA consumer blog offers articles, tips and FAQs for dental consumers in a simple-to-use format that allows users to filter by life stage. The blog also provides information on campaigns to promote oral health.

The AADOM blog is a top resource for business tips, practice management advice and industry news. It also features interviews with well-known dental leaders. This blog is a must-read for dental office managers.

Off the Cusp

While many dental professionals are busy with patient visits and running their own practices, they still need to find time to keep up with the latest industry news. A great resource is a dental blog or vlog, which provides easy-to-understand information and tips that can help them improve their business.

This blog offers a glimpse into the human side of dentistry, with dentists telling their stories and sharing advice for new graduates. It also covers career-related topics such as applying for school and securing financial aid.

The Dental Tribune International is a blog that offers global perspectives for dental professionals. The site features content from around the world, including editorial insights, clinical cases, and academic research coverage. It also includes videos and webinars. DentalROI is a company that specializes in dental software and marketing, so their blogs are full of useful tips for practicing dentists.


Dentaltown isn’t just a blog, it’s the world’s largest members-only dental community with more than 250,000 registered users. Think of it as your sounding board among peers (but only fellow dentists) on anything related to dentistry, from recommended root-canal techniques and favorite whitening products to office politics and how to deal with patients who won’t listen. The site also has forums for students, residents and new graduates who need help surviving dental school or choosing residencies. You can also download a Dentaltown app to get access to articles, podcasts, forums and more on the go.

You can also find classified ads, like a dental-exclusive Craigslist, for job opportunities across the country. Sign up for a free Dentaltown account to start sharing and connecting today!

1st Family Dental

The team at 1st Family Dental strives to provide patients with the tools they need for great oral health. They offer general and specialty dental services, and have several convenient locations in Chicago IL. They also offer online appointment booking, making it easier to get the care you need. The practice believes that a healthy smile begins with good oral hygiene, so they help patients improve their daily routines to prevent serious dental concerns. They also provide emergency dentistry services, giving patients a chance to see their dentist more quickly in case of an unexpected dental issue. The office is a proud supporter of the Andersonville community and participates in events such as Midsommarfest. They also sponsor local fundraisers and health and wellness clinics. Their mission is to make sure every patient leaves the dentist with a big smile!

American Association of Dental Office Management

For dental office managers, the American Association of Dental Office Management (AADOM) blog is a must-read. This resource includes a variety of topics like dental marketing tips and DIY hacks that will help you improve your practice. It also features a number of industry insights and membership information.

Unlike most dental blogs, Dental Reach is a podcast as well as a blog. It covers a wide range of topics from new equipment to dental office procedures, while also providing real-world advice for navigating the dental industry. Its content is geared toward pre-dental students and current dental school graduates, with new updates every weekday. It also focuses on the cosmetic side of dentistry, with many posts featuring before-and-after photos. The site also lists ADA-approved products, which are a great choice for patients looking to make safe choices.

Fred Joyal

There are hundreds of dental blogs and vlogs that can help dentists learn about new trends in the industry. Many of these resources can also help them stay on top of the latest technology to streamline their offices and improve patient experiences.

This blog features interviews with dental professionals and industry leaders. Its posts cover a range of topics, including the challenges of running a dental office and finding a work-life balance. The blog also covers the latest industry news and updates, as well as tips for attracting patients.

Fred Joyal is a renowned entrepreneur who co-founded 1-800-DENTIST and has authored two books on marketing for the dental industry, Everything Is Marketing and Becoming Remarkable. He has a unique perspective on what it takes to be bold and build a successful career.

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