The Importance of an Emergency Dentist

An emergency dentist specializes in treating tooth problems that are not only painful, but also potentially life-threatening. They are trained to diagnose and treat issues such as severe tooth pain, a lost or cracked tooth, bleeding gums, jaw joint dysfunction (TMJ), and more. Emergency dental services are available to anyone in need, and the sooner treatment is received, the better.

Dental emergencies are usually defined as any situation that cannot wait until the next scheduled dental appointment. The most common dental emergency is a toothache, which occurs when the center of the tooth, or pulp, becomes inflamed. This can happen because of a cavity that reaches the enamel and dentin layers, or from trauma like a knocked out tooth.

Other dental emergencies include a broken tooth, an infected or abscessed tooth, and loose dental work such as crowns or fillings. A knocked out tooth is a dental emergency and should be treated within an hour in order to preserve the root of the tooth and avoid serious health complications.

Dental care is a distinct part of the healthcare system and should be considered just as important as any other medical issue. However, access to dental care is more challenging than other types of healthcare. Since dental insurance is typically not included in medical coverage, and free clinics may be limited to treatment of pain or acute infection, EDs are often the only place that patients can receive urgent treatment. Emergency dentist

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