Three PAX Experts Explain Why Android POS Terminals Are Outperforming Legacy Terminals

POS Terminal
There is no doubt that merchant acquiring banks, payment processors and their merchant service providers see the value of Android SmartPOS in-store devices for enhancing the merchant customer experience, providing new revenue generation opportunities, and helping them to meet compliance requirements such as PCI chain of custody. But how do they deliver these benefits? Three PAX experts explain how aesthetically designed, Android-powered SmartPOS devices are outperforming legacy point of sale terminals and providing real value to acquirers, merchant services providers and their merchants.

Android POS terminals are mobile devices that combine a touch screen, cash register and thermal printer in one portable device. This type of point of sale (POS) system is suitable for many retail businesses, including restaurants, salons and grocery stores. It is easy to use, has a high processing power, and can print receipts and invoices instantly.

Ingenico has an entire line of Android-based POS terminals, and they come in various form factors. Some are smaller than smartphones, while others resemble clunky cash registers – like the Ingenico Axium D7 and the AECR-C9 models that look and function more like a traditional cash register than a tablet.

The Android operating system is a flexible platform that allows for regular software updates. This ensures that your POS terminal is always up to date and can run the latest apps and programs, like loyalty program software or buy now, pay later (BNLP). In addition, Android’s open system allows you to choose from multiple manufacturers and different devices.  android pos terminal

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