Top Refrigerant Leak Detectors

When you’re working on an HVAC system that has a refrigerant leak, finding the source of the problem can be difficult. Some methods for detecting the leak, like looking for oil stains or listening for pinhole leaks near weld joints, require a well-lit and quiet environment to be effective. Using a handheld leak detector is an easy way to find the problem quickly. These tools are equipped with a built-in LED light to help you locate the source of the leak.

Some models are designed to detect a wide range of refrigerants while others focus on specific types of gases. Make sure the leak detector you choose can detect the specific type of refrigerant that you work with most often to reduce the risk of false alarms.

How the sensor alerts you to the presence of refrigerant is another important consideration. Because you’re likely to use this tool in noisy or dark environments, look for a device that offers an audible beep or flashes a light to alert you of the presence of leaks. The best detectors will also display a relative leak size on their screen via numerical value or bar graph mode.

Some leak detectors are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry around between jobs. Look for a model that comes with a carrying case to protect it from damage while transporting it between locations. Also, consider the warranty period for the product to get an idea of its quality. Top refrigerant leak detectors

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