Types of Airguns

Air guns use compressed air or gas (such as carbon dioxide) to propel projectiles such as pellets or BBs. They can be used for target shooting, pest control, hunting and competitive sports. These guns have been around for centuries and continue to evolve. They are an excellent way to practice your shooting skills and are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of guns.

Generally, an air gun uses a spring-piston system to compress the air and actuate the projectile. Historically, these weapons were breechloading single-shot rifles and pistols that required a manual cocking process to pull the piston back and compress the air before firing. However, modern designs are often repeaters and can be loaded with a magazine.

Pellet guns are a common type of air gun. They are available in many shapes and sizes, but they all have a flat front portion that is called the head. The heads can be flat (“wadcutter”), hemispherical (“round nose”), hollow point or conical (“pointed”).

In addition to spring-piston systems, some air guns are powered by rotary systems. These can be either a pneumatic or mechanical, and are essentially an eccentric rotor assembly. The eccentric rotor is driven by a crank that spins a series of cylinders that pressurize the air. This type of gun requires a more complicated air supply and is not as accurate as a standard spring-piston design.

Some airguns are also capable of firing arrows instead of projectiles. Although big game animals have been taken using this method, it is critical for hunters to understand the limitations of their air gun or arrow shooter. Specifically, how many shots can be made on a fully charged reservoir before the ability to kill the animal diminishes significantly. airguns

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