Understanding Diamond Cup Wheels

A diamond grinding cup wheel is a metal-bonded diamond tool with diamond segments welded or cold pressed on a metal wheel body, usually looks like a cup. They are very popular in the construction and home improvement industry for cutting, grinding and polishing concrete, hard concrete, marble, granite, field stones, paint removal and coating removal. They have a wide range of benefits from simple form clean-up to the shaping and polishing of concrete and stone surfaces and floors.

There are various styles and specifications of diamond grinding cup wheels to fit for various application requirements. When deciding what kind of diamond cup wheels should be adopted in your application, you should first examine the nature of the job you are going to perform. The ones with big diamond segments can undertake heavy workload such as for grinding concrete and stone, while the ones with sparse diamond segments are often used for epoxy coatings, paints, glues and other surface coatings.

Diamond grinding cup wheels can have different diamond grits, different bonds, different diamond hardness and different diamond concentrations to fit different uses. For example, if the concrete to be ground is hard, the bond should be softer, and if the concrete is relatively soft, the bond should be harder.

Diamond grinding cup wheels are used in different-roughness grindings. There are normally two phases in concrete grinding. The first is coarse grinding and the second is fine grinding. For coarse grinding, the diamond bond should be softer and the diamond hardness should be higher, as here the diamonds are vulnerable to become blunt. The diamond grit should be bigger, normally from 35 grit to 50 grit depending on practical requirements. The diamond concentration should be lower.

For fine grinding or polishing, the bond should be harder and the diamond hardness can be softer, for here the diamonds can last longer and hard bond can also help the precision of the processing. The diamond grit is normally from 80 grit to 120 grit, depending on practical requirements. The diamond concentration should be higher.

Grinding cup wheels are available in a wide variety of sizes. They are also available in numerous shapes: flat disks, cylinders, cups, and wheels. Although many techniques, such as bonding a layer of abrasives to the surface of a metal wheel, are used to make grinding wheels, this discussion is limited to cup wheels composed of diamond materials contained in a bonding matrix.

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