Using Bathtub Trays to Keep Items Organized

Bathroom tray organizers can be extremely useful to help keep items organized and out of reach of children. They are also a great way to keep track of items that might be easily lost such as hand sanitizer, soap (liquid or bar) and toothpaste. They can be placed in a variety of places such as on the counter, in a vanity or even on the floor. There are many different types of bathroom trays to choose from and they come in both plastic and metal. Some trays also come paired with other accessories such as a soap dispenser to create a more complete set.


A shampoo tray is a very simple item that is able to make washing hair much easier for bed bound individuals as well as people who are confined to wheelchairs or other similar chairs. This is because it allows the individual to wash their hair in a comfortable position without having to bend and stretch as they would normally do with a regular shampoo basin or shower head. In addition to being easy on the user it is also very convenient for caregivers as they do not have to spend so much time bending and lifting the person while washing their hair.

The EZ-Shampoo is a very convenient shampoo tray that can be used to assist with washing hair in a seated position while the person sits in a chair or wheelchair. The tray has a contoured neck cutout that can fit around the person’s neck and the rest of it is able to support their shoulders comfortably. The raised edges of the tray direct water neatly into the sink and prevent spilling, making it very easy to use.

Another very useful aid for washing hair is a shampoo funnel that can be attached along the hairline of the individual and it then directs the water straight into the sink without having to touch the face or move them. This is a great tool for those who have back or neck problems and it makes the process of washing hair, dressing head wounds and irrigating ears much easier for both the person being washed as well as their caregiver.

Lastly, a bathroom soap saving bag is a very handy item that can be used to store body care bars in, or it can be used while the bars are still in their wrappers for extra exfoliation and lather. These bags can then be hung up to dry and they will not only save you some space in your cabinet but they will also prevent your soaps from falling down the drain when you run out of them.

Although these items are very beneficial and they can be quite simple to find and purchase, it is important that they are properly cleaned on a regular basis. This is because they will be touching many items that are likely to get dirty, so they must be kept clean and free of germs. BACS À SHAMPOING

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