Vintage Turkish Rugs

Vintage turkish rugs are often sought after by designers looking to add an element of historical heritage and beauty to their home decor. Featuring beautiful patterns, rich hues and intricate designs, these carpets are known for their timeless allure.

These hand-woven works of art are woven in villages and towns across Turkey using techniques that have been passed down for generations. Often made with high-quality wool or silk, these carpets are renowned for their durability and luxurious feel. Many Turkish rugs feature geometric motifs and symbolic representations that embody ancient cultural traditions and folklore.

Each region in Turkey offers a different style of rug weaving, resulting in a wide array of designs, motifs and patterns that tell a story unique to the area they are sourced from. From the bold and rugged flatwoven Kilim rugs to the elegant and ornate Hereke rugs, each rug is a work of art that reflects the history and culture of the area from which it hails.

In addition to the unique designs of Turkish rugs, they are also known for their use of natural dyes. These vegetable dyes are derived from plants, roots and insects and produce rich colors that age gracefully over time.

If you are interested in purchasing a Turkish rug, we recommend visiting Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar where you can browse the wide variety of Turkish rugs for sale and haggle to find the best price. This historic marketplace is a great place to shop for rugs and other items while exploring the city’s rich cultural treasures.

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